Our plans for 2023-26

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Inclusivity and diversity
Fostering the development of a profession
which better reflects our society in all its
diversity through an active programme
promoting and supporting change.

Creative conversations
Brokering creative conversations informed
by quality data and research about future
directions for our sector to enable our
members to shape and prepare for that future.

Working openly, collaboratively and
strategically with partner bodies within
and beyond our community, locally and
internationally to explore new opportunities
and to deliver value for the community.

The value of libraries
Advocating for the vital role that libraries
play in the academic enterprise, in student
wellbeing and success, and in broader
engagement and innovation, highlighting the
conditions for that success and supporting
members with the evidence base and tools.

Representing the community
Representing the interests of our community
with stakeholders, regulators and governments
to ensure that policies develop in a way which
enable libraries to deliver maximum value for
their users.

Leading positive change
Generating positive proposals for change and
exploring new opportunities for services and
partnerships to create a positive environment
for our libraries and professionals to operate.


Shared services
Providing and developing services which help
members to meet the needs of their users
such as the SCONUL Access Scheme and our
benchmarking statistics.

Sharing knowledge
Producing resources including research
reports, briefings, case studies, newsletters
and news alerts to provide information and
guidance to members about developments in
HE and the library sector.

Mutual support
Facilitating professionals within our member
libraries to connect and learn from one
another through peer support and sharing
information and practice.

Supporting the next generation
Delivering support for the next generation
of aspiring, emerging and current leaders
through formal and informal professional
development opportunities which embrace
and promote diversity.

Our own services
Reviewing and redeveloping our own services
to maximise the benefits to our members,
placing them at the centre of our decision making.

Financial stewardship
Exploring new ways of working and new
partnerships to ensure that we are maximising
our income and the impact of our expenditure.