SCONUL Access is a scheme which allows many university library users to use
study spaces or books and journals at other libraries which belong to the scheme.
Some library users may be able to borrow print books from other libraries too.
To find out more about the scheme, who is eligible, and how it works, explore the
links on the left-hand side of the screen.

To apply for SCONUL Access:

  • First, tell us what kind of library user you are by filling in the box below
  • Then tell us the name of the institution you are registered at
  • Click ‘Find’
  • Select the library you wish to use. Note: once your application has been
    approved, you can use any of the libraries on this list. You need not reapply
    for each library.
  • Click 'Apply for Access' and complete the form.

Your application will be processed by your home institution library. Waiting times
for more information, contact your home institution. Once your application is
processed, you will receive an approval email with further details on how to take part
in the scheme. Please do not call SCONUL about your application as applications
are not processed in the SCONUL office and we will not be able to assist you.

If your institution isn’t included on the drop down list below, it is not a member of the
Access Scheme and you won’t be eligible to use the scheme.

Sometimes, libraries may have temporary restrictions in place for Access Scheme
users, for example due to building works or pressures on space. You should check
on the day you would like to visit whether the institution you would like to visit is
participating by looking at the information on their website.

Please also remember access granted under the Scheme is a privilege and not a

STEP #3: You are eligible for the following universities and colleges:

Select any filter and click on Apply to see results