Summer Vacation Access

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Visiting another library during your summer vacation

Are you an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student following a taught course? Would you like to have access to another higher education library during your summer vacation?

Undergraduate students and postgraduate students following taught courses at institutional members of SCONUL will normally be granted reference use of other SCONUL HE libraries free of charge during the summer vacations of the host institution.

If you request admittance to another library you should be prepared to present proof of your enrollment at a university or college of higher education. A current library card will normally be acceptable, provided that it shows the holder as an undergraduate or taught postgraduate. Sometimes it may be necessary to show evidence of when your course ends; we recommend you check with the library you would like to visit before arriving.

The scheme is additional to many local arrangements in areas where institutions are close together. It is also distinct from the SCONUL Access Scheme. 

You are strongly advised to check the library's web page, or telephone in advance of your visit, in order to be sure about vacation dates, opening hours, and documentation required.

A list of SCONUL's members can be found here.

Important notes

The scheme does NOT provide for borrowing, nor for access to electronic sources of information. This scheme is distinct from the SCONUL Access Scheme, which has stricter eligibility rules but provides a higher level of access to resources and operates all year. Not all institutional members of SCONUL participate in the SCONUL Access Scheme. 

Whilst higher education librarians will do their best to honour this scheme, the special circumstances of certain institutions will mean that they are unable to take part. Temporary building work or other disruption may cause libraries to withdraw from the scheme from time to time. Admission to other libraries is always at the discretion of the Librarian or Director.